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Revell Acrylic Paint

Revell 'Aqua Color'-paints in the brand-new 18-ml jars/pots are ideal for modelling:
The paints can be thinned with water only and are mild-smelling, non-inflammable containing virtually no organic solvents and quick drying to the touch in 2 to 3 hours.
The paint is also suitable for airbrushing. In the process, please observe the following:Do not thin the paint too excessively
Dilute with water (max. 20 to 25%). Do not use solvent-based thinners! Clean the spray gun with water immediately after use
If the paint has already dried on, the spray gun can also be cleaned with 'Airbrush Clean'
When using a paintbrush:
The paints are ready to use and give extremely good coverage
Exceptional results with a paintbrush, smooth surfaces look almost as good as when airbrushed, end result absolutely comparable with 'Email-Color' paints The notch in top rim of paint jar/pot provides a secure resting place for brush while working, clean brush with water immediately after use.

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