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Glow Plugs

Glow plugs are very important to the performance of your engine. You can also read your glow plugs to check if you are running too rich or too lean.

A brand new glow plug has a wire or filament that is shiny. If after running the wire is still shiny and the bottom of the plug is wet, then you are running too rich. You are probably getting only 85% of the maximum engine power.

If the wire turns starts to turn grey, and the bottom of the filament is slightly wet, then you are almost near the peak engine power.

Once you have a grey wire, and the bottom of the plug is dry, you are at 100% maximum power.

Once the glow plug wire starts to distort, you have exceeded the maximum power and are running too lean. Adjust to a slightly rich setting.

Hot plugs are used for cold running and slow engines to improve reliability, cold plugs are designed for hot running and fast engines to prevent burnt out plugs and pre-ignition.

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