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Trouble Starting Nitro Engine

Nitro EngineHaving trouble with starting your Nitro engine? Frustrated that everything you try doesn't seem to work? Try my trouble-shooting guide to see if it works. I've picked up plenty of hints & tips running in Nitro cars, HPI & others over the years, so maybe it will help. Always remember to consult any instructions or directions that came with your car first, then try this FAQ.

Ok, first thing to check is that you've put the right fuel in your car. This is the most common problem for beginners, who try to use a more powerful fuel than is recommended by the manufacturer, in order to gain more speed & power. The problem with this is that engines and carburettors are designed to use a certain grade of fuel, and any deviation from that leads to starting and tuning faults. It is possible to use higher grade Nitro fuel, as long as you are ready to re-tune the engine and be prepared for extra wear. If you do change fuels, keep using that one, or your car will become unreliable. In summary, if it says use 16 Nitro fuel on the box, use it!

Still won't start? Next up is your glow plug - is it getting hot enough to ignite the Nitro Fuel in your Radio Controlled Car? A faulty glow plug, or a flat Glow starter will mean no starting! Take the Glow plug out of the engine, plug it into your GlowStarter and check that the Glowplug shines nice and bright orange. If it doesn't glow then you could have a faulty glowplug or a flat Glow Starter. So always keep a spare glow-plug in your track-side tool box, and your Glowstarter charged. (Or a spare, charged Glow starter!)

If your Radio Control Car still won't start, next up we've got to see if the engine is getting any fuel. Is their fuel in the tank? Next we've got to look inside the engine. We do this by pulling the air filter out (put it down somewhere clean) and looking into the carburettor. Push the Fuel Tank Primer and you should see Nitro Fuel going in. If you don't, there's an air leak somewhere in the system. Check the fuel tank and pipes and order any spare parts required.

Still not working? Maybe the air filter is blocked. Give it a good clean and re-oil with cleaner and air filter oil.

Next if your motor still won't start you'll have to put the carb back to factory settings and follow your Nitro engines set up guidelines.

Still no luck? Maybe the one-way bearing is broke. This is the part that makes the engine turn in the right direction, so take out the glowplug, look into the cylinder head and slowly pull the pull-start or operate your rotostart. If it doesn't move the piston, its broke.

if you Nitro engine still won't start my advice would be to take it to our local model shop & get the to give you a second opinion and advice on what to do next, probably a new engine, but they might be able to help.

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